Another Interesting Payload

The Pioneer Flight is not only a memorial spaceflight mission.  As we wrote on this blog April 30, we are also flying part of a robot built by high school students as part of our ongoing support of education initiatives.  In addition, we’re flying a payload of International Space Business Development, Ltd. of Taiwan.  This company’s payload, called the “Micro-element Space Experiment,” consists of one gram of “Nano-Calcium,” which will be used as an ingredient for health products in Asia.

International Space Business Development, Ltd.

International Space Business Development offers a number of services to its clients:

  • Commercial Space Transportation
  • Commercial Rocket Launch
  • Space Micro-Dust R&D
  • Universal Energy R&D
  • Space Information Communication
  • Space Energy Product Distribution and

The company also has a strong global-orientation.  While valuing the many benefits of humanity’s technological and economic progress over the millennia, International Space Business Development also understands the environmental challenges that technological and economic progress poses to the Earth’s environment and natural resources.

International Space Business Development believes that each human being and company should take on the responsibility of living life – and doing business – in an environmentally-sustainable manner.  Because the company cares about the Earth and the people who inhabit it, International Space Business Development supports the development of space and related products and technologies: Such development, the company believes, can help replace the energy and resources used here on Earth.  With all of our help, we can preserve the beauty of the Earth for future generations.

Celestis shares much the same philosophy about space development and its role in Earth’s future: We welcome International Space Business Development on board The Pioneer Flight!

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