Celestis in France

Continuing to be a company of worldwide mention, Celestis was discussed in a recent lecture at a professional symposium of Crematorium Administrators in Beaune, France.

Pierre-Henri Therond spoke about the secularization of civil and religious ceremonies, the changing values associated with ceremonies and how professionals can work with these changes. Mr. Therond is the director of a company called Gracefully. Therond’s goal is to offer alternatives to traditional religious ceremonies while recognizing that all civilizations practice rites to celebrate the stages of life and that these celebrations bring us together both on an interpersonal and international scale. The company helps create ceremonies specific to the honoree, one that fits like a glove.

For funerals, Gracefully proposes a service or celebration that reflects the image of the deceased and to make the occasion touching and unique. Many of Mr. Therond’s clients who come to him for funeral services are looking to plan their own funeral. These people seek to plan something that truly expresses who they are and what their life is about. Those planning for others are often trying to ensure that there’s a sense of dignity to the proceedings.

It’s an overall ideal that’s well and succinctly explained on Gracefully’s wedding page. “It is the celebration that must adapt itself to the couple and not the inverse.” The idea being that celebrations shouldn’t come with a one-size-fits-all mentality but that you have options and are encouraged to explore those options to make the ceremony right for you.

Mr. Therond’s speech was well received by the French audience and we thank him for including us in his speech about the changing funeral industry environment.

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